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Tyres for the Prado Next Generation
Last Updated: 23 February 2014

The tyre size for the Toyota Prado is 265/65/17. Not many SUVs use this particular size but thanks to the popularity of the Prado it is quite a easy size to get in 2011. The 120 and 150 series use the same tyre size also helps.

I replaced the Cooper Discoverer despite having lots of thread left - which means that a life span of 100,000km is achievable. However since the Coopers where getting old, the rubber was getting harder hence nosier and less grip I started looking for new tyres. This time I fitted Bridgestone Dueler D694 - which is one of the latest 4WD tyres.

So welcome to the D94 tyre review. There where two versions of the D694 that we know of, the earlier  ones made in Australia and the one made in Japan. Unfortunately the ones made in Australia where not up to speed so we bought the made in Japan ones which we hope would be better made.

Bridgestone D694 Vs Cooper Discoverer ATR Review

Bridgestone D694 summary:
At first glance the D694 thread pattern is not quite car like in appearance, it is like the in-between the two other tyres I've tried on the Prado to date. Once again I have chosen the model with the white lettering on the outside because I think it looks nicer.

The initial report is that the D694 is a superior road tyre than the Discoverer ATRs. The D694 grip better are quieter and track better. I have not been off-road properly so you'll have to wait a bit longer for that part of the summary. That said I didn't detect any difference on loose gravel.

The overall construction before being fitted looked good but as I recall, was not as think as the Cooper's. The thread depth not as deep either. Bridgestone do not claim massive mileage life so revisit the site again to see how far we can get from one set.

Bridgestone D694 on-road experience:
For suburban driving these tires are pretty good - at least while still new. It gives good on road ride and with minimal road noise. In terms of quietness I would rate them as good as the original Dunlops all those years ago and noticeably less than the Cooper Discoverer ATRs. The D694's tracking is also very neutral.

Bridgestone D694 Off-road experience:
No noticeable difference compared to Coopers.

Cooper Discoverer ATR summary:
Since I've already covered this model previously I won't repeat my self. Like all tyres they didn't get better with age getting nosier and harder over time but yes they do last for a very long time. Would I get them again? Yes if I was traveling long distances - when petrol prices where under $1 a litre.

Price (2011)

Prices haven't changed much in 4 years which is the way it should be because these model have not changed.
The price of Cooper Discoverer ATR vary:
I was quoted between $270-330. 
The price of the Bridgestone D694 vary:
I was quoted between $271-300 

Last known pricing (RRP)
LandCruiser Prado
NOT including on roads, discounts etc...

5 door Kakadu - $87,990
5 door VX - $74,490
5 door GXL - $63,490

5 door Kakadu - $88,990
5 door VX - $75,490
5 door GXL - $64,490
5 door GX - $58,490

Diesel (Only)
3 door ZR - $65,990
3 door SX - $55,990

3 door SX - $55,990

See Read Motorblog for more!

Issues and summary

The Bridgestone D694 are better all round than the Cooper ATR. It specifically betters the Coopers by being slightly quieter (so far) and having neutral tracking on the road. However the downside is anticipated less tyre life. In other respects until I take them off road nonetheless they are both better than the AT20.

June 2011 - After a few thousand kilometers I can report that the D694 are pretty good tyres. The D694 have more grip than the Coopers and the AT20s. However they are noisier than AT20s, but quieter than the Coopers. The wear rate looks great for now and with correct wheel alignment, balance and pressures of course.

November 2011 - After nearly 10,000km's the D694 are still showing as new thread depth without any uneven wear. Sure that depends on your wheel alignment and balance - so presumably my Prado is in good order. The other owners Prados are still running Coopers so as a comparison to the 'fresh' D694 there's is no significant difference.  The Grade's softer suspension setup for example does also lead to less road noise relatively.

However the D684 on the standard Prado have developed the typical thread noise once above 80kph which is louder than the what the Cooper ATR makes at the same speed. The car is still quiet so this is annoying. In terms of quietness, the now no longer sold Mitsubishi Verada is quieter!

In terms of handling the now 5 year old Prado suspension is showing it's age. It feels more floaty and seems to lean more now. You can feel the age as you don't take corners as fast as before. Off road, the suspension still works as well as the first time which is very impressive, likewise on the straight it still amazingly compliant. All things wear out over time and the Prado is no different. That said its still got at least another 5 years before considering replacing the suspension.

I'll have more reports as they wear in over time but for now they seem pretty good.

2013 Bridgestone D694 update: Not so good news to report this time. The D694 are getting really noisy compared to all the other tyres bar the Michelins we've tried to date as they get older.

2014 Replaced D694 with Pirelli Scorpion ATR tyres! Check out review here!
















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