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Last known pricing APPROX (RRP)
Toyota LandCruiser Prado (150 series)
NOT including on roads, discounts etc...

Note: Up to date pricing can bee seen in the new section of the website!

November 2015

Petrol (from)
5 door Kakadu - $83,990
5 door VX - $72,990
5 door GXL - $60,990

Diesel (from)
5 door Kakadu - $84,490
5 door VX - $73,990
5 door GXL - $61,990
5 door GX - $54,990

November 2013

Petrol (from)
5 door Kakadu - $91,590
5 door VX - $77,990
5 door GXL - $63,190

Diesel (from)
5 door Kakadu - $92,500
5 door VX - $78,990
5 door GXL - $64,190
5 door GX - $55,990

June 2011

Petrol (from)
5 door Kakadu - $87,490
5 door VX - $74,990
5 door GXL - $60,990

Diesel (from)
5 door Kakadu - $88,990
5 door VX - $75,490
5 door GXL - $64,490
5 door GX - $55,990

Diesel (Only)
3 door ZR - $65,990
3 door SX - $55,990

Note: Up to date pricing can bee seen in the new section of the website!

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Welcome to the 4WD comparison and Toyota Prado Vs the world review BLOG. We have put together in-depth and long term ownership experience, reviews, comparisons, loads of general information, pictures, technical articles, accessories and lots of opinions on the Toyota Land Cruiser LC4, LC5 or LandCruiser Prado, LandCruiser Colorado, Lexus GX, just plain Toyota Prado or whatever name its been given around the world. 

Although we initially started the website as a record of our travels and long term Prado review. As a group at least one of is considering a new car and so the website has now become a record of comparisons between which of the other cars we've tried and personal notes in an effort to find a replacement.  

Our Recommendation

Everything is relative and everyone has an opinion so we've made up this website to explain ours. If your criteria for choosing a car like the Toyota Prado is similar to us then the answer is - yes we can recommend it. 

There are quite a few different brands and models to choose from in this class of vehicle and lots more around it so take your time to read up and choose! Due to the GFC there are also lots of variation in pricing and equipment levels too. You might find that these other models may meet your requirements better.  Remember that a high price does not always mean it is a better car.

More on the decision here...

More about buying

There is lots to think about when buying a new or used Toyota Prado. Things like the quality of materials like paint, fit and finish, plastics and so forth are very good quality. The design of the interior is not revolutionary. Mind you many other car interiors still look like this. Nevertheless it is a comfy place to sit and looks and feels like a quality vehicle.

The engine is the key factor to making the Prado a good thing! It's V6 engine is powerful and economical too. In a world of high petrol prices this engine uses as little as possible. A Holden Commodore V6 and Ford Falcon In-line 6 (Popular regular sedans in Australia) in the fleet uses about 18 litres per 100k's in inner city commuting with the petrol engine Prado 15-16 litres. On the highway where it spends most of its time 9-11 litres per 100ks. For the diesel engine fuel consumption is around 12 litres around town and less than 10 on the highway. Considering the size and weight of the Prado vs the others its low fuel use wins my vote.  (On a light throttle I achieved 14 litres in one week in peak city traffic!)

The other key factor is the transmission. The current 5 speed auto is a really good transmission. It works very well with the engine. It shifts smoothly and changes gears appropriately.  

The ride quality is excellent especially on dirt roads and  just as good as the fore mentioned sedans on normal roads. The handling is OK for a large 4wd at normal speeds and can made to handle reasonably well - for what it is. It isn't a sports car.

Are there any problems with the Prado? Have a read of the long term review pages on this website.

LandCruiser Prado's history

It began in Australia at least back in 1996. Toyota didn't really have a competitor for the very popular Mitsubishi Pajero or Shogun or Montero. I guess it was described as the 'civilized' mid-sized 4WD category and the start of the Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV class. I use the term civilized meaning a 4wd that wasn't designed to spend most of it's life off road.

Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun at the time had quite a lead in almost every field. It was a Dakar winner many times over in the production and modified classes, it was the best looking 4WD at the time had lots of equipment, handled well and pretty good off road too.

Toyota had much ground to make up in terms of marketing and packaging and design. Toyota is one of the most technically advanced and arguably the largest and most successful car manufacturer in the world today. So it didn't take long before the original Prado or 90 series Land Cruiser was released. It was quite funny when I first saw it at a motor show, only because it looked very similar to the Pajero, with only the design flair that Toyota can do. Ie. It was not a good looking thing. 

Also note that there is a Japan only Prado model that predates the one the rest of the world knows. But it was really a 75 Series Land Cruiser.

The current shape was release in late 2002 in some countries and available worldwide by late 2003. The wagon appears to be the only model available world wide. The smaller SWB or 3 door LandCruiser Prado is available in some parts or the world.



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