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There are tons of stuff you can add on to the Prado. Too many to mention on one short page. So I've listed the accessories that we would consider getting or have bought. Just remember that sometimes cheap can be just as good as the expensive stuff.

Exterior accessories


Although the genuine Toyota bullbar for the Prado is a pretty good looking thing and obviously works there are other manufacturers who have ones which are just as good if not better.

ARB is the major one aftermarket manufacturer which have several model available.  I'm considering getting one in light of where the Prado seems to be going these days.

If you don't need one then don't bother it extra weight on the front and makes parking a hassle.

Radiator insect screen.

The Toyota insect guard costs around $120.  So its best to make your own!

Rear Spoiler

The Toyota version costs around $450.  Painting is extra so budget around $100 extra.

Rear Spoiler II AKA Rear Visor

This is the cheaper alternative to the spoiler and is a smoke colored visor. It does not serve any purpose other than a exterior accessory  However it does look like an old school  'dust deflector'.


Strangely Toyota goes not sell one!
I priced a TJM nudged bar - fitted for around $700 dollars - which I thought was on the expensive side. $500 fitted would be more appropriate. (2007)


Toyota has these at a reasonable price considering it is a very popular accessory.


Last known pricing (RRP)
LandCruiser Prado
NOT including on roads, discounts etc...

5 door Kakadu - $87,990
5 door VX - $74,490
5 door GXL - $63,490

5 door Kakadu - $88,990
5 door VX - $75,490
5 door GXL - $64,490
5 door GX - $58,490

Diesel (Only)
3 door ZR - $65,990
3 door SX - $55,990

Roof racks

Some models come with side roof rails however they are of limited use because you need the horizontal bars. So a rail-less version is just cheaper and easier to equip then one with them. If equipped with the standard roof rails any cross bars add extra height so you have to be carefully.

Side steps

Although the most Prado models has these as standard they don't feel completely sturdy. But least the where designed as 'standard equipment hence look integrated.

Spare tyre covers

For the 120 series there are 3 versions available of genuine accessories and it is not standard equipment. Don't forget to get one as a freebie on purchase. The Toyota hard covers costs around $450 - color coded versions around $550.

For the 150 series the hard spare cover also incorporates a rear parking camera so after market accessory covers need to be chosen carefully.

Alloy wheels

The standard alloy wheel on the 120 series are great looking things!  So its no surprise that very few are replace them with after market items.  But there are plenty available. 

For the 150 series the alloys wheels are not so good so choose what you like, it can only be an improvement.

Interior accessories

Floor Mats

Floor mats are rarely standard so don't forget to get them as freebies when you buy. That said the OEM versions are not the best quality ones you can buy but if they're free than get them. Toyota versions cost around $55 for a set of four.


If you have the more expensive Prado's that come with inbuilt GPS you may still want an aftermarket unit for features not available with that particular unit.  See the reviews of the ones we've tried.



Roof consoles

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