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ALL 2003-2009 120 series Toyota Prado reviews and comparisons have been moved here!

Territory (SY) Vs (SZ)
Outback Vs Saab 9-3X
Outback Vs XC70
Outback Vs Forester

Vs Grand Cherokee
Vs Audi Q5
Vs Ford Territory

3 Dr Prado 1st drive
Vs Ssangyong Rexton
vs Jeep Wrangler
Vs Mitsu Challenger
Vs Subaru Outback
Vs Subaru Tribeca
Vs M-Class
Vs CX-7
Vs CX-9

Hilux Vs Colorado
Hilux Vs Amarok
Hilux Vs BT-50/Ranger
Hilux Vs Triton L200
Hilux Vs Navara
Hilux Vs GWM V240

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The medium sized class of cars have changed over the years and what is medium is now actually quite a large car overall. The medium sized SUV is roughly where the LandCruiser Prado sits but since at least one of us is looking for a new car we decided to post our comments on the various alternatives we've tried to date.

Listed below are links to all the reviews and comparisons for medium sized SUVs, soft roaders, 4WD what ever you want to call them we've managed to drive or researched.

NOTE: Links MAY direct you to the new section of the website! The new section is the future of this site so please update your bookmarks.

List of reviews

Ford Territory (SY) Vs Ford Territory (SZ)

Subaru Outback Vs Saab 9-3X
Subaru Outback Vs Volvo XC70
Toyota Kluger Vs Ford Territory

Toyota LandCruiser Prado Vs Lincoln MKT
Toyota LandCruiser Prado Vs Lincoln MKX
























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