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120 Series
ALL 2003-2009 120 series Toyota Prado reviews and comparisons have been moved here!

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See News from 2009...



Latest News (2010 onwards)
Last Updated: 10 November 2015

Welcome to the latest LandCruiser news and announcements page. Any thing related to the LandCruiser series or its Lexus equivalent will be posted on this page.

Latest news can now be found here!

October-December 2013:Lots of new SUV specifications, comparisons and reviews for the updated 2014 Toyota Prado, Toyota Kluger and Jeep Patriot  also forth coming Nissan Qashqai, Honda Vezel, Holden Trax, Holden Colorado 7, Isuzu MU, Ford Ecosport, Nissan Juke and Nissan Pathfinder. Comparisons to all the new models can be found here: New section of the website.

August 2013:Lots more comparisons of the news and oldest SUVs currently for sale. The focus on the small SUV market is currently where the action is at the moment. Also the first pictures of the updated 2014 Prado have been posted.

April-June 2013:Lots of new models being released this part of the year! New SUV releases include the new Toyota RAV4, Toyota Kluger, Mitsubishi Outlander, Honda CRV, Kluger, Nissan Patrol and Subaru Forester.

January 2013: The A few new models that will be released later 2013 the most prominent will be the Subaru Forester - it's the model that represents what Subaru does best. A few smaller models from Ford, Nissan and Holden are so due this year which adds some excitement to the SUV and 4WD class. Don't forget to check out the new section of the website where it will be happening from now on.

December 2012: The focus of the latest updates in the new section are once again the small and compact SUVs in particular the new Honda CRV, Subaru XV, Nissan Dualis and Grand Vitara.

October 2012: New models and summaries form the Australian International Motorshow in Sydney for all significant SUVs and 4WDs. Check it out HERE!

April-August 2012: We're still busy with the new section of the website posting new comparisons and reviews or consolidating the older stuff. Always check it out if you want the latest.

February-March 2012: New SUV releases include the Ford Kuga, CX-5, CR-V all being prepared as I write this! Older content is also being transferred to the new format website.

January 2012: 2012 New year greetings! We've been on the road for holidays. It is getting expensive thanks purely to petrol costs beyond the city limits. OF the latest news there are a ton of new SUV releases planned for 2012 and as a result lots more to try and review. Our latest drive was the XC60 T6 - completely understated yet easily better than the BMW, Audi or Lexus. Also the Range Rover Evoque update drive review.

The new section of the website is now open. Links are being re-directed!

January-November 2011: We've posted the Bridgestone D694 review and lots of new comparisons from 2012 Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 and pricing, BMW, Volvo, Saab, FJ Cruiser, Dodge, Skoda, 2012 Nissan Patrol, Jeep Grand Cherokee and finally the Range Rover Evoque - Enjoy. (Lots of content updates) Including the SUV price list for comparisons.

Working on brand new website format which should make things easier to search and access!

'2012 Extra Cab BT-50'

2012 Toyota Hilux Face lift

December 2010: Wishing everyone a safe Christmas break and happy New Year. Updates will resume in mid-January.

November 2010: Another warning one for 120 series Prado Owners. If you haven't received it in the mail yet. Toyota have sent out a letter asking if you have the OEM bullbar fitted. If so you'll need to take it back to Toyota to have some brackets replaced since they can break. The letter does not say which year models are effected but I suspect lots of them!  So see your dealer or wait for it to arrive.

October 2010: Another set of recalls from Toyota for the Kluger and various Lexus models and once again the company seems targeted not that it doesn't deserve it. But balanced reporting for other manufacturer's recalls would be fairer don't you think. Link to the relevant website below.

September 2010: The Toyota Hilux now gets a turn for a recall. It effects all 4x4 models and is related to the rear drive shaft mounting systems. See the page at the Aust Govt recall website for details 

August 2010: Updated the home page with this new 'beta' format to see if everyone likes it...

August 2010: Another recall involving the 100 series LandCruiser, Lexus 470 and its predecessors. It appears to be restricted to top range Sahara version. The problem is related to the steering. See the Australian Government Recall Website.

July 2010: Toyota is trouble again with various models mainly with it's Lexus band. Interesting how a massive recall on the Mitsubishi Triton or L200 (which is an international model) does not make much press! Land Cruiser seatbelt recall.

Update 2010 June: Finally got a chance to write up the 3 door SWB LandCruoser Prado review

Update 2010 May: The voluntary recall to fix the traction stability control on Lexus GX460 sold in the US and Europe has been resolved and the fix is a software upgrade for the model. Businessweek

Note that primary safety like wearing a seat belt is optional in the US hence kind of weird.

New section on small SUV/4WD after all you do need to consider other factors - we are. Small 4WD or SUV comparisons

Last known pricing (RRP)
LandCruiser Prado
NOT including on roads, discounts etc...

November 2015

Petrol (from)
5 door Kakadu - $83,990
5 door VX - $72,990
5 door GXL - $60,990

Diesel (from)
5 door Kakadu - $84,490
5 door VX - $73,990
5 door GXL - $61,990
5 door GX - $54,990

November 2013

Petrol (from)
5 door Kakadu - $91,590
5 door VX - $77,990
5 door GXL - $63,190

Diesel (from)
5 door Kakadu - $92,500
5 door VX - $78,990
5 door GXL - $64,190
5 door GX - $55,990

June 2011

Petrol (from)
5 door Kakadu - $87,490
5 door VX - $74,990
5 door GXL - $60,990

Diesel (from)
5 door Kakadu - $88,990
5 door VX - $75,490
5 door GXL - $64,490
5 door GX - $55,990

Diesel (Only)
3 door ZR - $65,990
3 door SX - $55,990


5 door Kakadu - $87,990
5 door VX - $74,490
5 door GXL - $63,490

5 door Kakadu - $88,990
5 door VX - $75,490
5 door GXL - $64,490
5 door GX - $58,490

Diesel (Only)
3 door ZR - $65,990
3 door SX - $55,990

Update 2 2010 April: The voluntary recall to fix the traction stability control on Lexus GX460 sold in the US and Europe has been resolved and the fix is a software upgrade for the model. Businessweek

Update 2010 April: The Lexus GX460 which is based on the Prado is in trouble!  Toyota has stopped selling them in the US and attempting to confirm the validity of the claims by the 'Consumer Reports' magazine.  News from Yahoo.

Read the article not just more reporting repeats which appears to be media beat up. Cynically perhaps to get more subscriptions! You be the judge.

I was also thinking that we really rely on cars any car to save us from mistakes. Instead of making us better and more responsible drivers we now blame cars for mistakes - because you shouldn't be driving in an reckless manner anyway sad isn't it.

Update 2010 February: All new 2010 Nissan Patrol to be released later this year. 150 Series Toyota Prado Vs 2010 Nissan Patrol

Update 2010 February: Toyota is in trouble due to faulty accelerators.  Huge recall mainly in the US. The problem appears confined to US made vehicles. Hope it doesn't spread to other models! Peugeot is also in trouble too with shared models.

2010 Toyota Recall - Acclerator Pedals
2010 Peugeot Recall - Accelerator Pedals

There is a shortage of certain Prado models apparently - plenty of VX spec Prado's but not much else.
Also started updating the specs with the NCAP safety rating!
Started looking at utility vehicles or 4x4 pickups as an alternative to the Prado.

- 150 Series Toyota Prado Vs Toyota Hilux
- Toyota Hilux Vs Nissan Navara

Update 2009 December: Updated specifications and now included the recommended retail pricing (AUD) for the new 150 series 2010 Prado is as follows Be prepared for a shock!:

5 door Kakadu - $87,990
5 door VX - $74,490
5 door GXL - $63,490


5 door Kakadu - $88,990
5 door VX - $75,490
5 door GXL - $64,490
5 door GX - $58,490

3 door ZR - $65,990
3 door SX - $55,990

See News from 2009...

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