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FAQ about the Prado
Last Updated: 06 November 2012

I have begun to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Toyota Prado.  These where the ones I asked when contemplating purchasing.

Landcruiser Prado sales figures

How many Toyota Landcruiser Prados have been sold? Well, At the release (November 2009) of the 150 Series Toyota Australia said that over 150,000 Prados (prior series) have been sold by the end of 2009.

Prado fuel consumption ?

In light the worlds high fuel prices, fuel consumption for the Prado is actually quite reasonable all things considered.  The claimed figures reflect the standard tests in what ever country your in so it is onlya guide.  The real world is of course much different.

My own tests show the following:

14-17 litres per 100km around town.
9-10 litres per 100km on the highway.

Average for my use 12.8 litres. (August 2006)

This compares well as a regular 6 cylinder family sedan if not better around town.

Australian Toyota Prado Recalls.

Mid 2006: Recall related to the brake system.  The notice essentially says that after the brake fluid was replaced one of the seals may have been put back incorrectly.  It seems to impact 2003-2005 models.

How many people can it fit.

It can seat 8 people. 2 in the front, 3 in the middle and 3 at the back.  All have lap sash seat belts.

Although like most wagons the 3rd row of seats is better left for children but an average sized adult will be able to fit in without much discomfort.

If used for IT purposes it'll fit over a dozen desktop and notebooks without any problems.  However the monitors are a different matter.  Note that suspension sag is not noticed with this sort of load.

The 2nd row has 1/3 and 2/3 seat division with a fold down center console and hidden drink holders.

The 3rd row is 1/2, 1/2 split and can be either folded or removed altogether.

Missing the 3rd row of seats?

I came to may attention that in certain countries, namely those from German the Prado 5 door comes with the option of 5 seater or 8 seater versions hence only comes with 2 rows of seats.  It is also not possible to add the 3rd row since the seat mounting points and seat belts are not there! *Thanks Ansar

Where's the 3rd row middle headrest?

If you have a 8 seat version you will realize that the 3rd row of seats are split into halves.  You will notice that the middle part of the seat when in use has the 2 holes for the head rests but you can't find them!

Well, they aren't missing they are stored in a compartment behind one of the seats.  Its the one with a zip on the back.  Unzip it and it's there!

When was the Prado released ?

Although the original model was released back in 1996 the current model the 120 series was release back in  2003 to the world.  (late 2002 in some parts of the world)

What are the major differences ?

The only major difference has been the change of gearboxes.  The original only had the 4 speed auto and 5 speed manual.  New ones have 5 speed autos and 6 speed manual.

The 5 speed auto and 6 speed manuals were available on Australian models from October 2004.

The availability of the new diesel engine (1KD-FTV) vs the old one (1KZ-TE).  The 1KZ has been around for years whilst the 1KD was released in 2005?

There are Standard equipment changes to the various models every year.  Generally more equipment is added.


Prado servicing and maintenance.

As per most new cars (petrol engines) servicing is scheduled for every 10,000kms or 6 months.  Price seems to vary little between dealers.  Minor servicing to performed until 40,000 which is the first major one.  The price of this service varies from $500- $700.  I don't know if this is value for money but it is an eye opener.

For diesel engine Prado the recommended service interval is a mere 5000kms.  I think that's a very short interval and something you should think about before getting the diesel.

Prado 'special' editions.

This list is only relevant for Australia.

From November 2005 Pilbara Ltd Ed based on GX
Cosmetic additions only - to look like a GXL.
(Australia Only)  About 500 where made for sale.

April 2006 onwards Toyota released the GX Limited (1000) edition - it is based on the GX.
Like the prior Pilbara version designed to look like the GXL except it doesn't come with alloy wheels. Equipment extras include ABS, EBD. flares, roof rails, fog lamps, side steps and so forth.

Prado model variants

There are a huge number of model grade variants around the world and each place has different standard specification.

The following are generally, the model range for the 120 Series Land Cruiser Prado lineup in Australia:

Post Oct-2002 worldwide (March 2003)
GX - GXL - Grande (3 door and 5 door)

Post Oct 2004
GX - GXL - VX - Grande

Post Oct 2009
GX - GXL - VX - Kakadu

See the FAQ page for special editions

It is best to visit your local dealer for complete information on the particular model you are after.  Moe often than not they will offer you better deals and specification than simply doing  web searches.

BHP vs KW and torque

There are standard ways of measuring how much power an engine produces but due to the different ways countries 'standardized' their measuring systems there are small differences in the final figure.  Factors like the RON or octane of a country's refinement also effect the engine output. So the specifications they distribute should be taken as a guide since the country their from can be different from your won.


As the last page I'm going to be doing for the site I wish to thank everyone who helped me put the site together. 

I try to be as factual and accurate as possible but there are many things that can only be expressed as opinions.

I hoped you enjoyed your visit.

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If you want to email Peter or Daniel that's fine.  Use the following address and try to put Prado in the subject line.  Doing this will mean I get your mail a little bit faster.



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