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Here's a quick comparison between the Toyota Hilux and the D22 Nissan Navara or Frontier. The D22 Navara has been around for a long time (from the late 90's) and is a very popular commercial vehicle in many countries even in 2010 hence still manufactured.  See here for the newer D40 Nissan Navara Comparison

The D22 Navara may be old but it is a proven package meaning its reliability and other problems are well known which makes it a easy choice. It's much promoted ABN pricing also makes it very attractive to business operators who are also after a family friendly vehicle.  You can pack the kids up in the Navara, off to school then to work without any delay. Admittedly it applies to all the dual cab looks we are reviewing.

The D22 Navara may not be the most attractive car on the road with too much extra 'bling' (very SE Asian- if you've been there) but obviously its other features overcome any issues with the added cosmetics.

Specification comparison below!

D22 Nissan Navara
Toyota Hilux

It is tough to compare what is an ancient design with the newest Hilux for obvious reasons but since one of us had one as a first car and basically drove it everywhere albeit very slowly. Why? it was the old model with a 2.7 litre diesel with a whole 64Kw at 4300rpm and 180Nm 2200rpm!  At least it didn't break down until the final years of its life - but that was years ago now the new one is much better.

The current D22 has much more power than the earlier versions and it really needed it. It is adequately powered in this presumably final version but clearly nowhere near the current Hilux. 

The interior design may look old but at least the materials are good quality and the seat trim which probably belongs in a sporty version of a car rather than ute adds appeal.

In all honestly there it's that much difference between any of the various utilities we've tried. Although each one so far had some feature which we found worth a second look. The Hilux for example with the new 5 speed auto is very 'zippy' and only the Triton with its AWD system impressed. The D22 Navara impresses for being 90% as good as the current competition for a noticeably lower price. 

Its age and well known problems have been presumably addressed in the current D22 so should be a safe choice. 

We are slightly biased due the past ownership issue so as a quick summary if you want a dual cab utility and can live with the 90's interior and bling everywhere the value for money D22 Navara is probably the choice for you.

Last known pricing (APPROX)

NOT including on roads, discounts etc...

Toyota Hilux
2010 FROM $44500-$56,000 AUD

D22 Nissan Navara
2010 $41,950 AUD or
around $31,000 for ABN holders


Toyota Hilux (4x4 MY2010) Nissan Navara D22

1GR-FE (modified)
V6 Petrol
4 Litre (3956cc)
Claimed 175Kw @ 5200 RPM
Claimed 376Nm @ 3800 RPM (MANUAL)
Claimed 343Nm @ 3800 RPM (AUTO)

1KD-FTV (modified)
IL4 DOHC Diesel
Turbo-charged - Intercooler
Direct Injection - Common Rail
3 Litre (2982cc)
Claimed 126Kw @ 3600 RPM
Claimed 343Nm @ 1400-3400RPM

2TR-FE (modified)
IL4 Petrol
DOHC 16 valve with VVTi
2.7 Litre (2693cc)
Claimed 116Kw @ 5200RPM
Claimed 240Nm @ 3800RPM

IL4 DOHC Diesel
Turbo-charged - Intercooler
Direct Injection - Common Rail
2.5 Litre (2488cc)
Claimed 98Kw @ 3600 RPM
Claimed 304Nm @ 2000 RPM
1825 - 1905Kg
Towing capacity up to 2250kg
Towing capacity up to 2800kg
Fuel capacity & consumption  
Up to 76 litres
IL6 Petrol 13-13.3 lts per 100km
IL4 Diesel 8.2-9.3 lts per 100km
Up to 75 litres
IL4 Diesel 9.2 lts per 100km
Other specifications  
5 or 4 speed Auto
or 5 speed manual
Overall height/width 1810/1835
Overall length/Wheelbase 5255/3085
Track (front/rear) 1540/1540
Tray L1520mm x W1515mm x D450mm
Total payload capability 1000kg (Approx)
ANCAP safety rating 4/5
5 speed manual
Overall height/width 1725/1825
Overall length/Wheelbase 5180/2950
Track (front/rear) 1525/1505
Tray Lxxxxmm x Wxxxxmm x Dxxxmm
Total payload capability 1000kg (Approx)
ANCAP safety rating 3/5
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach 30
Departure 23-26
Breakover N/A
Minimum ground clearance 292mm
Water Fording depth 700mm Max
Part-time 4x4
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx
Departure xx
Breakover xx
Minimum ground clearance 225mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
Part-time 4x4
Performance Performance

Performance figures


2010 FROM $44500-$56,000 AUD
*Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing and specials accessories etc...
2010 FROM $41,950 AUD
Much advertised at around
$31,000 for ABN holders

*Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing and specials accessories etc...

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