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Yamaha Motorcycles
Updated :  24 September 2012

Yamaha is another long standing motorcycle manufacturer. The manufacturer has produced many landmark motorcycles over the years Eg. V-Max and YZF-R1. It has a great reputation in producing engines for a variety uses eg. Marine outboard and inboard motors. At one stage it even helped Toyota with its engine designs like for the Celica. However like Kawasaki they have not made the transition to 4 wheeled cars.

It's motorcycles have won many motor races over the years and is the current MotoGP winner with Valentino Rossi at the bars.  In terms of its motorcycle range its YZF-R1 sports bike was THE bike to get in the late 90's and early 2000's. It has even raced a 2 wheel drive bike in the DAKAR rally. Yes you heard right 2 wheel drive and it wasn't an ATV.

In the 250cc and under class it hasn't made anything all that special although had numerous models over the years eg. FZX Zeal, Balius, SRV and YZR that where available here.  But despite that the Virago 250 was one of the most popular bikes to get in the 90's. hy? price and looks mainly - most probably went on to own the large capacity Yamaha 'Star' series.

XV250 Virago

Specifications in Brief

Engine: V-Twin SOHC 4-stroke
CDI Carbed air cooled
5 speed
Weight: Approx 136Kg
11 litre fuel tank
Seat height 685mm
0-100kph about 9 seconds.
Max Speed 140Kph*
16Kw 24 horsepower
Introduced 1988.


The Virago has been around essentially unchanged for 20 years.  It was a brand new model released at about the time I got my first motorcycle! 

It is very old tech but like all cruisers there is something about it which still attract new buyers all over the world.  Like all cruisers its styling, performance, reliability and nature all factors in keeping this model available.

Sure styling is pure Harley clone but there's something else about the Virago - I dare say price - its relatively cheap.

Price ($Aust) 2007

How much does the Yamaha XV250 Virago cost ?

$6,490 Approx RRP

XVS250 V-Star

Specifications in Brief

Engine: V-Twin SOHC 4-stroke
CDI Carbed air cooled
5 Speed
Weight: Approx 147Kg
11 litre fuel tank
Seat height 670mm
0-100kph about 9 seconds.
Max Speed 140Kph*
16Kw 24 horsepower
Introduced 2009.


The XVS250 V-Star is a remake of the old XV250 Virago.  They've made it bigger in size to suit bigger people yet kept the old engine.  The new XVS250 is physically bigger and has more custom parts then the original model.

Yamaha could have easily updated the one old tech feature which is the rear drum brakes!  Rather they've spent the development budget on extra bling or shiny stuff - which is what cruisers and customs are all about.  The brakes do work well  since they obviously meet the various world standards so don't worry about it.

It is still the best classic looking 250cc cruiser you can get new - even better than the original.  Many keep their Viragos for various reasons. 

The other cruiser which even better in my opinion is the Honda V25 Magna or Custom. However it's only available used or as a grey import.  If you like the V-Star check out the V25 as well!

Due to the XVS250 higher 2009 price consider the larger sports type bikes from other manufacturers for longevity. 

Price ($Aust) 2009

How much does the Yamaha XVS250 V-Star cost ?

$8,699 Approx RRP



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