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Suzuki Motorcycles
Updated :  24 September 2012

Suzuki has been around for years and it has a great reputation in the motorcycle world. However unlike Honda, although they've made some great cars they haven't been able to capitalize their high performance image in the world for 4 wheels.

Suzuki have had many landmark motorcycles over the years in both commercially  available models and GP racing. They have won the 500cc GP many times, the last one in 2000 with Kenny Roberts Jr as the bars.

They have had many under 250cc motorcycles in the past (Eg. RGV and Across) unfortunately their current sole offering is very average - just like almost all its competitors from the other manufacturers. Thankfully the grey or import motorcycle dealers have been able to provide us with the missing models and of course the LAMS compliant models. Check out the LAMS page.

LC250 Intruder

Specifications in Brief

Engine: V2 cylinder 4-stroke
CDI Carbed air cooled
Weight: Approx 145Kg
12 litre fuel tank
Seat height 685mm
0-100kph about 9 seconds.
Max Speed 160Kph
17Kw 24 horsepower
Introduced 2005.


Not much to say except why? Based on sales of import 250cc You'd think Suzuki could easily figure out what the majority of first time owners want.  That said if you want another Harley clone then go for it.

Price ($Aust) 2007

How much does the Suzuki LC250 Intruder or VL250 cost ?

$6,490 Approx RRP Black



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