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Last Updated : 01 January 2012

Welcome to me video of the update page.  Since fewer people send in pictures due to the growth of self posting and other commercial sites I thought it would be nice to feature video clips and other assorted things which you have come to the site for. Site is USUALLY updated at the end of each month. Remember don't take the video too seriously.

Well the judging criteria for the 'featured' video is based on which is the most entertaining one I've seen.  Entertaining could be high speed high jinx to someone dropping their priced motorcycle after taking a picture!

Video of the update - VOTU
February 2007

My View

Here's me second feature.  This time is a real motorcycle Motokhana for 'normal people' once again from Japan.  Personally I think the first video has more wow factor but this one has more detail of the motorcycles in being used.  Judge for you self!

Remember to press the Play button to start the video.  You may need a broadband connection for it to play properly.


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