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Honda DN-1

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1 This is the Honda DN-01.
It was first shown at the 2005 and 2007 Tokyo Motor shows.
The difference is that at the 2007 show they had production ready models which where not guarded and could sit on.
Following the show the model was announced as a 2008 model.

The latest news is that Australian release date for the DN-01 in Australia August 2008.
Sure enough the news filtered in and it's on sale in September for a quite ridiculous AUS $16,990.
It's the 680cc fitted with an automatic transmission guys.  It is nice but not that nice.
Umm - I predict this motorcycle will NOT be popular.

The official release is true to the prototype, except for the fancy instrumentation.  You only get a green tinged LCD panel rather than blue lit graphics. 

Known specs include a V-twin 680cc EFI power plant.  Technical highlights include a CVT style transmission with various mode a world's first Honda calls the Hydraulic Infinitely Variable HFT Transmission.  Single sided swing arm with integrated shaft drive.

The bike isn't all that physically big but certainly in a class of its own.  I guess its a cruiser/mega-scooter/sports bike in the expected Japanese Manga style.  I say lovely.  I really hope that all the stuff that appeared on the 'concept' will be standard on the bike.  Eg. Integrated GPS and ICE systems. 



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