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The Suzuki Across GSX250F - News and Frequently Asked Questions

News section

NEWS : 2012 update - Moving back to my original website with new content and reviews.

NEWS : 2010 update - New design format with the usual grammatical updates.

NEWS : 2009 update - Finally got around to updating the format for the pages. No content changes yet. Hopefully you'll find more friendly. TESTING..

NEWS : 2009 update - added the LAMS page and various updates.

NEWS : Updated the site design for 2008 so it is inline with the rest of the sites I'm writing for.  Also a new manual is finally posted for download!

NEWS : Finally after even more years I've written some 250cc motorcycle reviews! AND a glorious new site design.

NEWS : Finally after many many years the service manual. Thanks to Andrew C. Dec 2006.

NEWS : The Across (2001) is no longer available NEW in Australia. Interesting to note that the Honda CBR250RR is also no longer available NEW.

NEWS : The latest Suzuki Bandit 250 GSF250 has the same engine however it has Variable Valve timing which gives it more power above 10,000rpm. I had a demo ride recently (2000) and can confirm that it pretty much the same sort of thing as the across - due to newness I didn't detect a noticeable increase in performance.

FAQ section

Suzuki Across color schemes

The Across didn't come in many colors as an official import. However its long production run in Japan means that there are plenty of choices and these models are considered 'grey Imports'.

Official colours:
- Red and black
- Red and Maroon
- Black and Purple
- Black and Green (Teal)
- Grey and Grey-ish purple
- Red (Metallic)

About your first motorcycle

It is important in my opinion for anyone who is starting out to get a reasonably reliable and suitable first motorcycle. Your first motorcycle will form the impression you will get of riding in general. In many instances you will find it hard letting go of the bike when it comes time to upgrade. So choose wisely.

About your motorcycle dealer

Regardless if you choose from a dealer for buy/purchase privately it is important to establish who will be servicing the bike.  (Unless you intend on doing it yourself.)

About fun times

I mentioned fun times? It is highly likely (that you reading this bit) that the Across will be your first motorcycle for the road and as a result you should make the most of it. Besides the simple joys of motorcycling there are many things to experience and enjoy For example; I had a hilarious time when I ran out of petrol because the low petrol fuel light was out then scraping my toes on a roundabout unintentionally - Skidding on over filled petrol and chasing larger bikes around corners and of course riding around 2 gears too low just to hear the engine!




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 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve
 Liquid cooled
 2 Mikuni BSW27 Carbs
 4 into 1 Exhaust system
 12 litre fuel tank
 Power 33Kw@14,5000rpm
 Torque 25.5Nm@10,500rpm
 Max Revs 16,500 rpm
 Torque 2.7kgm
 Weight 163kg
 Tubular steel frame box section swing arm
 Gear box 6-speed
 Wet multi-plate clutch
 Chain final drive
 Front tyre : 110-70-17
 Rear tyre : 140-70-17
 Front Suspension : Conventional telescopic forks
 Rear Suspension : Conventional rear shock 7 way 
 adjustable pre-load
 Front Brakes : Dual piston single disc
 Rear Brakes : Single piston
 Seat height : 770mm
 Wheel base : 1390cm
 Approx range on tank : 200-240kms
 ACTUAL range tank to reserve :160 - 200kms
 Top Speed is claimed to be 160kph.
 I have only got 140kph-ish





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