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The Suzuki Across GSX250F - Maintenance and Service Owners Manuals

Suzuki Across References

There are a few new sites cropping up these days which is nice to see. The purchasing trend globally in post 2008 GFC is away from these type of motorcycles to the large capacity scooters.  Anyway, check out the links below of download what I've got to date.

Maintenance stuff

Like all bikes you will eventually need to service the Across. I am not aware of what servicing dealers charge these days. The main factor will be the condition your bike is presently in or at purchase.

Service Manual

Here is the Across Service Manual it is in PDF format:
Service manual for Suzuki Across GSX250F
Please read the notes further down the page for more info about maintenance costs and other related information.  *Thnx Andrew C.

Owners Manual

Here is the Across Owners Manual it is in PDF format:
Owners manual for Suzuki Across GSX250F
Please read the notes further down the page for more info about maintenance costs and other related information.  *Thnx Niobe D.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance items include clean cloths and Mr Sheen, Chain lube some tools, lubricants etc.. Say $50 a year.  The highest cost item aside from the actual service are tyres (<$200 each), thankfully for these types of bikes have pretty good life spans. And as usual the rear tyre will be the first to need replacing. Call around to get the best price. I also recommend finding a reliable servicing agent.  This may take longer than finding the actual bike!

Price of the service is not an indication of quality as you'll probably get an apprentice looking after your bike anyway. In my experience the larger the shop the less service you get unless you're going out with the mechanic or something like that. Unless something mechanical goes wrong the bike should be pretty cheap to maintain. 

Modifications and parts: Rear rim will house 160 rear tyre (I did this). Engine bay will handle a 500cc from the Suzuki GS500 (this was reported to me years ago - an unverified.). Dark screen available. Different size sprockets available. Chain is heavier duty than required. I had a Ventura luggage rack attached to the rear.

Since the Suzuki Across has been out of production for many years parts such as fairings and decals will be hard to come by. Since I no-longer have the bike I suggest that you visit motorcycle wreckers or even custom fibre-glass makers etc...

Miscellaneous problems

Lots of things can go wrong on a motorcycle as it gets older. Happens to everything mechanical.  So if something on your Across does go wrong it's best to start with the basics and progress from there. Karma works and if you look after your bike it will look after you!

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