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Updated :  06 May 2012

This site contains various performance analysis, statistics and specifications of the world's greatest contemporary motorcycles and other vehicles.  Since I can't ride every single motorcycle so I have to make do with analyzing specifications and listening to what everyone one else says.  Besides some models don't interest me enough to get a test ride.  So this site is my outlet for high performance bent.

Now, many people view how good something is on its specifications alone.  Fortunately the majority realize that high specifications do not always mean a premium product.  True it helps but its not the be it and end all of what high performance is all about.  Examples in the motor industry you can relate is is the Mazda MX-5 or Miata.  It certainly doesn't have outright speed or drop dead gorgeous looks but driving it is one of the most satisfying experiences on the planet. 

The latest example of high spec vs all round performance is demonstrated in the gaming console wars!  The Wii despite its relatively low tech spec is out selling the Playstation 3 and the XBox 360.  I suppose it could be the low price too!

So the information that will appear on this site is related to high performance vehicles be it 2 wheels or more because I like all of them.  The vehicle in question may not be what you define as high performance but to me it is.  Essentially I believe that the definition of high performance doesn't ONLY mean high speeds or high power.  It also means great handling, great looks and bench mark technology either exclusively or inclusive in one package.

It is unfortunate that high performance has a perception problem.  The usual speed is the cause of all evil, danger aspect and of course the small sexual organ issue.  Speed for example is only an issue if you can't handle it and danger again the same thing the organ issue is of course only highlights the small mindedness and their own inadequacies.  Anyone who appreciates high performance machines thankfully don't think the same thing.  Don't forget that regular women also enjoy the prospect of a high performance vehicles.

Remember don't forget everything is subjective and what I think is a great bike (I usually go for looks before anything else) may not be what you're looking for.


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