Mech and Tech Intro

This page is for the technical details of the Grand Vitara Series 2 update for October 2008 model onwards.  This page should have all the most important mechanical details of the Grand Vitara for this particular series.

Note the Grand Vitara's pricing in Australia (5 door) in particular the 5 door 4 cylinder vs V6 cylinders is only $1000.  So the non-Prestige model V6s are really the bargain since it comes with more equipment.  That said you can probably get a better deal on the 4 cylinder versions.

3 Door 5-speed manual $24,990
3 Door 4-speed auto $26,990
5 Door 5-speed manual $29,990
5 Door 4-speed auto $31,990
5 Door 5-speed manual (17-inch alloys) $30,990
5 Door 4-speed auto (17-inch alloys) $32,990
5 Door DDiS turbo-diesel 5-speed manual $34,990
5 Door Prestige 4-speed auto $36,990
5 Door Prestige 4-speed auto (18-inch alloys) $37,490
5 Door Prestige V6 5-speed auto $39,990
5 Door Prestige V6 5-speed auto (18-inch alloys) $40,490

Seems like Suzuki is pitching us to get the V6.

The Engines

September 2008 onwards

16 Valve 2.4 Litre 4 cylinder engine
with variable valve technology or VVTi
(122Kw @ 6000rpm and 225Nm @ 4000rpm)

24 Valve 3.2 Litre V6 cylinder engine
with variable valve technology or VVTi
(165Kw @ 6200rpm and 284Nm @ 3500rpm)
Claimed fuel consumption of 8.9l per 100kms (manual).

Direct Injection Diesel 1.9 Litre 4 cylinder engine. (F9Q)
(95Kw @ 3750rpm and 300Nm @ 2000rpm)

Oct 2005 - 2008

16 Valve 1.6 Litre 4 cylinder engine (M16A)
with variable valve tech or VVTi
(73Kw @ 5600rpm and 139Nm @ 4100rpm)

16 Valve 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder engine (J20A)
(103Kw @ 6000rpm and 183Nm @ 4000rpm)

24 Valve 2.7 Litre V6 cylinder engine (H27A)
(135Kw @ 6000rpm and 250Nm @ 4500rpm)


The grand Viatar has a decent towing capacity and I have seen a few towing smaller caravans 10 or 12 foot ones in outback Australia but not many.  Put it this way Outback Aust is Landcruiser, Hilux or Patrol country.

That said, the towing capacity of the Grand Vitara is excellent.

The following applies to 2006 onwards models.

550Kg unbraked trailer
1600kg braked trailer

750Kg unbraked trailer
1850Kg braked trailer (Manual)
1700Kg braked trailer (Automatic)

Exterior and Interior improvements

Details of the series 2 update for the Grand Vitara.

The current body shape released in 2005 and not much has changed physically for this updated.  All the modifications have been directed to the under the skin improvements.  This is not unusual for Suzuki.

Of the physical changes is the very small but expensive change to the  front end light and front bumper.  It's been extended by 3cm in case you missed it, supposedly to make more space for the larger 3.4 litre V6 engine! Also new alloys wheel designs come in either 17 or 18 inches. 

Interior changes are likewise not immediately noticeable and debatable in terms whether and improvement or not! 

The controls on the steering wheel are now back lit, sun visors have extra extension and more functional climate control system.

There is now a fully functional trip computer but located in the dash board instrument cluster as opposed to the center console. Fuel consumption, average speed, range to empty, average speed and even external temperature readouts are available.

Interior safety has been improved with the airbags all round but now with side curtain bags as well.

Suzuki have also improved the sound minimizing features, such as thicker glass and more sealing.  So the car should be quieter.

The most changes have been reserved for the engines and mechanical improvements.  Disc brakes are now on all 4 wheels along with improved Traction control systems featuring Anti-lock Brakes, Electronic Stability Program and Brake Assist. On the top of the range prestige models you also get manually activated Hill Hold and Hill Decent control systems.

The Prestige models also get HID head lamps - you know the blue headlights together with head light washer and headlight beam leveling system. Nice to see the latest tech being included into the range.

All the enhancements brings the Grand Vitara up to spec with much more off road orientated vehicles most notably the Toyota LandCruiser and Range Rovers.  All this stuff in a 'small' 4WD also means it has more gadgets than it's rivals like the Toyota RAV4.



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